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Honeywell Wi-Fi Connected Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi Connected Smart Thermostat

Price: £198inc VAT 

Product Description

Voice activated technology is now established as a new way of controlling many different devices. A voice controlled thermostat is a natural progression, making changing room temperatures even easier. It learns. Advanced Algorithm to help maintain comfort levels and minimise boiler run time It changes colour. The voice controlled thermostat’s touch screen is bright and easy to read and can be colour customised to match décor, the mood of the room or even the football team the homeowner supports! Control from anywhere. Our reliable and highly rated Total Connect Comfort app allows you to program from your tablet.

Product Features

  • 7 Day wired programmable thermostat that can control any system and any boiler
  • Each day has set activity points to make programming more intuitive – i.e I’m waking up at, I’m leaving at, I will return home at, I’m going to sleep at
  • Auto, manual override, and off modes
  • Voice activated control of the heating system. Temperatures can be adjusted by talking to the thermostat
  • On-screen comfort information – see outdoor temperature, weather and humidity information via the home screen
  • Total Connect Comfort App – allows user to remotely monitor and manage the home’s comfort anytime, anywhere
  • Wifi connection between the voice controlled thermostat and the home broadband network is built into the thermostat – no additional modem or wiring required. Easy set up of the Voice Controlled Thermostat on the home network
  • Optimum Start functionality
  • Customisable colour touch screen – easily change the high-definition display to any colour you choose


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